I was in Montreal recently and although my understanding is that the city is safe, I was either pickpocketed or a good samaritan found my wallet but forgot to mail it back to me.  Either way, it's gone.  

A few recommendations when you have a spare 10 minutes.
  1. Take an inventory of your wallet now
  2. Toss out old, expired items you don't need
  3. Record every single thing you plan on keeping from your AAA card to major credit cards
  4. Record the correpsonding US and International phone numbers for each card
  5. Document your driver's license number and expiration date
  6. Save this file if you feel comfortable or print it and leave it in a safe place in your home
  7. Make a copy of your driver's license and car insurance (if you keep that in your wallet)
  8. Oh and don't even think about carrying your social security card in your wallet.  That should stay at home!
Doing these steps now will prevent you from having to rack your brain when something happens.  Everything is in one place when need it.

Update this document every 6 months.

Trust me.  It's worth spending the time.


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