San Francisco

John matched at his #1 choice of residency, the University of California, San Francisco. We had a good feeling about it and that was confirmed at noon yesterday. Now, we have less than 90 days to find an apartment and move west.

I have the most amazing grandparents. Ever. My grandfather is 88 and is just the sweetest, most charismatic person ever. He wins EVERYONE'S hearts. My grandmother is my mother's mother. She hasn't been doing so well lately. Her dementia has been progressively worsening for years. In October, she fell. This weekend, my grandfather said that the day it happened, she very clearly said "Hank, I think I broke my leg."

Since then she has been in a nursing home. It is absolutely heart-wrenching to see my grandfather take care of her. He lived this several years ago with his brother several so has a very clear picture of this road. He is panicked and frustrated and sad and scared and lonely. In October when she was in the hospital, I heard him whisper to her that when she was better, they'd take a vacation- just the 2 of them. It chokes me up just typing this.

The only things I can do is continue to mail him cookies. He also loves these puzzles

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