Couple on Vespa

I ordered this print from le papier studio for my husband for Valentine's Day.   While I think it ultimately turned out really well, it was really hard to find a frame.  The description said the print measured 5x7.  There was no way it would have fit into a 5x7 frame as it was way too long.  Also, even if it did, there was too much white space on the sides.  I went with the 5x5 frame below and am hapy with how it turned out.  The frame is from Sam Flax.  It was the last one of its kind- it didn't even have a box anymore.

I've actually had a hard time finding frames for the etsy prints I've ordered recently.  Two sets of prints from different dealers required 8.5 x 11 frames.   Cute frames of this size are not easy to find.  I wish etsy dealers would consider sizing their images so they fit standard sized frames well.


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