August 29, 2008

As per my last post, I haven't gotten out of the house much in the last few days. In my defense, I have been busy working and Solitaire isn't going to play itself.

With this in mind, I'll expand on our trip this past weekend to Wood's Hole and Martha's Vineyard, a.k.a. the most relaxing vacation I've ever taken. Who knew 3 days, practically unplanned, could be so wonderful?

My husband was the teacher's assistant for a course at MBL for 2 weeks. He didn't get paid but got a free dorm room and cafeteria food. Ah, graduate school!

The Ritz-Carlton:

I arrived via Delta Shuttle (love Delta Shuttle. you get real cheese on real crackers. none of this Lance crap) from LaGuardia (hate LaGuardia. is there ever a line of planes fewer than 35 waiting to take off?).

Drive 1 hour 40 minutes to Wood's Hole. Wood's Hole probably only exists to be the departure point for Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket ferries. It's this bizarre little society with a drawbridge, bars, restaurants and the coffee place where this blog was not born, but at least decided upon.

So, I arrived Thursday night, left Monday morning. Typical consultant weekend. I spent Friday working then we spent Friday evening dining. Yummy lobster roll. Minimal mayo:

Saturday I did nothing. Well, conceived this blog. But other than that, absolutely nothing. It was so unlike me.

Wood's Hole has great little beaches. At night, the entire sky is filled with stars. It made me realize when the last time I had seen stars was. In the water, you can also see bioluminescent plankton. So cool.

We headed to Falmouth, had a mediocre dinner then headed back.

Sunday we went to Martha's Vineyard. Took the morning ferry and landed in Vineyard Haven. We rented bikes and rode to Edgartown and Oak Bluffs. It was amazing and so much fun. My tailbone was on fire. As is expected, we had ice cream and fried food. That too, was amazing.

I admittedly preplan our vacations way too much. And what was so different about this weekend is I hadn't considered it a vacation at all until it was over. I considered myself simply visiting my husband and it turned into a fantastic get-away.

The moral of the story is, if you visit Wood's Hole / Martha's Vineyard, take it easy.


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