The Basics

My life. I'm a retail consultant currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. My husband is amazing and is pursuing his medical degree and doctorate in neuroscience. In ~3 years (I think, often lose count), we'll be moving, preferably, to a blue state for my husband to begin his residency.

We have 3 wonderful cats, Townhouse, Berkeley and Quincy and volunteer at Atlanta Pet Rescue.

I tentatiavely believe I'll use this space to document where I am, daily. It varies so it could be interesting. So we'll see!


  1. Tartelette said...
    I was doing a search on Martha's Vineyard and found your site with the pictures of the post above.
    Welcome to blogging! Atlanta is pretty close to me (Charleston,SC)and yet I feel like sometimes we are lightyears behind!!
    buericana said...
    Tartelette! We spent our second anniversary in Charleston. I loved it there. Good shopping.

    Martha's Vineyard was amazing. We biked between 3 cities, Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven and Edgartown. Oak Bluffs was way too touristy but the other 2 were nice. The route total was 13 miles and I do not bike so my tailbone was like, on fire.
    Amanda said...
    Nice to meet you! Welcome to blogging.

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