J.Crew: What I'm Lusting After

I do not need or want sleeveless shirts. When do people wear them? At work, my arms would freeze and I'd have to throw on a cardigan or something which would completely miss the point. But I do love this with dark, cropped jeans:

Although I have officially abandoned strapless dresses (feel too bare with pixie short hair), I love this print and are those pockets??? Love pockets:

J.Crew had silk or satin polka dot dresses last year in a silver and green I adored them but the colors held me back. I should also note I hardly even wear the dresses/skirts I already have. Bad Erica bad. I need to go through my closet. Anyways, this red I love and the neckline is even more interesting than last season's base style:

At $378 this is well outside my price range but I am in search of a new bag for fall. I bet I can get something similar to this at a Fort Lauderdale flea market for like $20:

Lastly, J.Crew has a great section on their webpage now for a black and grey palette. I love it particularly since I started transitioning a lot of my fall buying to be black, grey and white. This seems counter to what's shown in my J.Crew posts. I love color but I was in a meeting recently where I realized everyone was wearing black. I'm in retail so these were with the chief marketing/visual officers and chief merchants. It was so chic and I felt so out wearing whatever color I was wearing that day.


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