September 13, 2008

Saturday. Yay! Today after dropping off some old clothes to the Salvation Army, John and I went to my very favorite place in Atlanta, Star Provisions!

With Day of the Dead approaching, Star Provisions had cute merchandise and treats for the holiday.

The cafe has the most amazing treats. We've had the cupcakes before (obviously tasty) and (whether or not John knows it) I've had the caramel marshmallows (amazing, sickeningly sweet).

Today we tried a concha and a palmier. Delish. The concha could have been used as bread for a fancy sandwich. Perhaps gouda with carmelized onions? Or butter. While it was good plain, it would have been amazing with real butter. The palmier (a.k.a. elephant ear) was crisp and yummy.

Local farmstand outside of Star Provisions. Gorgeous!:


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